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Tiki Mugs - Hand Carved


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why a wooden mug?

Durability, stand out, and the spirit of tiki. 


 All other mugs that are made and sold today are ceramic, although there are beautiful and have the ability to be produced in masses they have one down fall they are fragile. my wooden mugs are durable plainly because they are made out of wood! after a long night of drinking with you mug if you were to drop it or nock it over it wont break into pieces. now these mugs are not indestructible but they will hold up to a lot more rough treatment and minor drops. 


 stand out among the see of ceramic casted mugs! these mugs stand out they are one of a kind hand carved wooden mugs for you to take to your favorite bar (home or commercial) and have it filled up with your favorite exotic cocktail. 


Tiki mugs are the idols you have to remind you of a escape to a previously unknown lands of the tropics and experience adventure and exoticism! ceramics are not from these islands wood is!



Hello I'm Merchant mitch. 

Why did i start making  wooden Tiki Mugs

When I first got into the growing revival of Tiki, I searched high and low for real wood Tiki mugs, but all I found was ceramic mugs.  I didn't want a mass produced ceramic mug, I wanted to have a mug that made me feel like I was at the tropical lands, and mystical jungles these drinks take you to.  So, I decided to make my own mugs, with my own designs, out of wood! 

Keep up with what's going on week by week on my Instagram. I try to post once a week. 

Below is a closer look at how each block of untreated bass wood becomes a one of a kind tiki mug...

I first cut raw untreated yards of bass wood into mug size blocks. Each block has a unique look based on wood grain and natural knots, and that's how I decide each mugs unique theme. After sketching the Tiki's face, then the real fun begins. I begin carving with a power rotary tool and then move to finer and fine sanding equipment until it's smooth to the touch. It is in this phase that I add in any extra exotic woods, leather, or carve mouths and details into the design. Once those are added, it's time for stain. I stain each mug with a color that i feel best fits the design, and then let it dry for a few days before spraying it in a polyacrylic coat. After curing for a few days I applying the food-safe countertop resin to the inside. There you have it - a custom mug for all of your tiki-concoctions!


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